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"Thank you Coach Candy for motivating me during our time together. I haven't seen the scale drop under 160 in over 2 years. It's been 6 weeks and I'm down 19.2 pounds! Whoo hoo, I haven't been this size in 3 years. I'm going to still continue to lose more. All thanks to your support and accountability."
- Tawny (Nurse)

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98% of people who lose weight end up gaining their weight back?  Those are pretty high stats! This means that only 2% of people manage to keep their weight off! I am one of those that fall into that small 2%! I have managed to maintain my weight loss of 50 pounds for two years.

My clients call me the magical transformer! As a Holistic Transformation Health Coach, I work with all types of women. Many of my clients are busy professional women, who are eager to transform their body so that they can ignite their inner fire and look and feel as fabulous as ever! I help each and every one of my clients “become a better version of you” in a unique and holistic way. As we work closely together you will learn how to get fit and stay fit in your own kitchen by having fun and enjoying your new adapted lifestyle.

I coach my clients on a high-end level with a no-diet approach to their health and wellness journey. I don’t believe in deprivation and I want you to enjoy all the foods you desire, with a slow approach of weaning yourself off your desired cravings. Together, we will discover a unique approach to fit within YOUR busy schedule, social obligations, relationships, career and new endeavors waiting to be explored. I’m so excited to help you break your old habits in order to keep your results and progress through your flourishing life you deserve!

  • Do you lack energy?

  • Do you have trouble sleeping?

  • Discuss why most diets don't work for you!

  • Dig deep into your "why"

  • Discover your perfect lifestyle balance

  • Uncover the impact of negative food beliefs

  • Learn the 10 top dietary paradigms

  • Discuss how to break bad habits

  • Learn how to self-care, self-love 

  • Get motivated and stay motivated

"It's A Lifestyle Not A Diet"

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