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Mindful Meal Prep:

Clean, Delicious Recipes for Weight Loss

FINAL - Mindful Meal Prep Cover 2019.jpg

“…Honest, interactive and practical …”
Dr. Gabrielle Jones

Licensed Psychologist 

“The holy grail of cookbooks; easy to follow and yummy, every recipe!”

Vernic Popat

CFO (Miracle Fruit Trees) Miami, FL

“…So much more than masterful meal prep and recipes!”

Dr. Fredrick J Dietzen DC,

Evoke Spinal Care

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Three books in one, Mindful Meal Prep: Clean, Delicious Recipes for Weight Loss is a full-color, meal-prep cook book, motivational self-help book and workbook/journal, bound into one, inspirational, thoughtful and beautiful work of art.  

Holistic Health Coach Candy Pirtle-Smalls uses her life’s pain and personal transformation, to pen a practical step-by-step tool to lead readers through a mental, spiritual and physical journey to better health.  Mindful Meal Prep includes over 50 clean, simple, and delicious recipes. Candy outlines how to shop, how to stock one’s pantry and how to prepare healthy meals on a budget—and in advance—saving money and precious time.


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