Health & Body Uncover & Discovery Session




In this 20 min unique session, we will: Uncover & discover what is stopping or keeping you from having the body, health or lifestyle you want. Which foods and lifestyle habits are bringing you down and what to do about it. Will focus on getting motivated and keeping motivation. Will discover a vision for what a better version of you looks like and master plan how we can get there together.


90- Day Holistic Transformation Program




individually customized to meet your specific health & lifestyle changes goals.



What you get:

  • An individually customized program specifically designed to meet YOUR health and lifestyle changes goals

  • 12 weekly sessions via telephone, video chat, or in person where we uncover challenges and celebrate weekly successes in a non-judgmental and safe space

  • VIP Access to clean recipes from Fit In Her Kitchen, handouts and much more...




Discover how food affects the way you feel, your mind, your body, and spirit. Learn how to activate your natural healing potential.  


This is a 14-Day program, completed in your own home with real food, that includes tips and recipes to help your cleanse be successful. 


There are 3 phases:

  1. Pre-cleanse prep (2 days)

  2. Cleanse (7 days eating real whole foods)

  3. Re-introduction of the top allergens removed during phase 2 (5 days)


You will get 3 private sessions to help guide you:

  • Session 1 occurs in the beginning to help you set your goals

  • Session 2 occurs in the middle to serve as support

  • Session 3 occurs at the end of the program to help determine your next best step




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